Orcas Airport Crew Car

Port of Orcas Crew Car

This car is a 1978 Mercedes 240D.  Please read these notes completely before use (subject to change).

Port Car Small

The car is available to off-station pilots that fly to Orcas Island and present (1) a valid pilot’s license, (2) a driver’s license, (3) verify the tail number of their aircraft and (4) provide contact information.  The Port maintains insurance on the vehicle with a deductible of $1000.  Use is limited to Orcas Island (and interisland by arrangement).  Arrangements can be made for pickup after hours.  — We accept reservations by phone or email.  We don’t have hard and fast rules about how far out and duration, but discuss on a case-by-case basis.

Cost: It is available for use free of charge, but for each 6 hours of use, or portion thereof, we recommend and request a donation of $5 plus your estimated fuel usage.  Donations may be placed in any parking/tiedown fee box, presented at the port office (slipped under the door) or mailed to us.

Fuel: We obtain fuel at a discount for approximately $.35/gal less than retail and the vehicle gets about 30 mpg (although the odometer does not work), so unless you need the fuel for your use, please do not fuel the car.  If you must fuel, it is DIESEL!

Your generosity will help maintain this car and its availability.  If you need a car for more than 48 hours, please contact the rental agency at 376-RIDE.

General: This car is a non-turbocharged diesel with a manual 4-speed transmission.

Starting: Being diesel, you must wait for the glow plugs to cycle before starting the engine.  Turn the key to “run” and observe an amber light/cartoon heating element on the lower right of the instrument panel.  When this light extinguishes, you may engage the starter.  When cold, it may take up to 30 seconds for the light to extinguish, please be patient.  There is a manual idle speed control to the left of the steering wheel.  In cold weather, you may want to increase the idle speed until the engine is warm.  Once warm, the idle speed should be reduced back to its minimum setting.

Shifting/Driving: The shift pattern is indicated on the shifter, but reverse is entered by lifting up on the shift knob, which may not be obvious.  Being non-turbocharged, it is relatively underpowered, but nothing is wrong with the motor.

Parking/Locking: Locking or unlocking the driver’s door will pneumatically do the same for the other doors (if air is available) EXCEPT for locking the back, right door lock which sticks.  If you need to lock that door, gently jiggle the knob manually until you get the knob to retract.  If gentleness doesn’t work, take your valuables with you.

Comfort and Cleanliness:  Please do your best to remove all trash from the vehicle and return the vehicle as clean as you received it.  Like me, you may find the driver’s seat uncomfortable.  As donations accumulate, we’ll make upgrades to improve comfort and cleanliness.

Return:  Please return this car to the Airport parking lot.  You are free to park this car in the 12hr parking in front of the terminal.  If possible, please return the keys to Port Staff.  If Port Staff is not available and the terminal is open, please slide the keys under the door of the Port Office.  If Port Staff is not available AND the terminal is locked, please put the keys in a fee box and leave a message at 376-5285 indicating where you left the keys.