Flight Planning / Weather

There is a public use, desktop computer with internet access in the conference room at the Airport Terminal that is available for flight planning, filing, etc.  If you need to print, arrangements can be made with Port staff for a modest fee.

A favorite website for graphical weather gouge is Windyty.  This website has some really neat features, like spot Model Output Statistic (MOS) forecasts for up to five days in advance.  Check it out.

Information on Low-Flying Aircraft can be found here.

A Map of KORS can be found here. 

KORS AWOS on the Web

  • transmits on 135.425

  •  via telephone: 360-376-6045


NOAA Area Weather Observation Map

Alaska Aviation Weather Unit

National 6-panel GFS 500mb plot

NDBC – NWS Forecast

Aviation Weather Center (ADDS)

CSC DUATS on the Web

Flight Tracking

AOPA Internet Flight Planner


Sky Vector



San Juan Islands Nautical Map (Annotated) 

Above is the San Juan Islands Nautical Map (annotated). This chart includes landmarks that may be used to supplement position calls in the San Juan Islands.  A regional pilot, in consultation with a CFI, has noted that using landmarks exclusively is not in compliance with established reporting procedures.  If you elect to use landmarks, which are in many ways more useful, please use as a supplement to direction and distance.  E.g. “Orcas Island Airport, Cherokee 679W, 5 nautical mile 45 to the right downwind to 34 —over Matia—One Thousand, One Hundred, Orcas Island Airport” or at least be prepared to follow-up with direction and distance if queried.