The RNAV-16 remains NOTAM’d NA (which unfortunately means “Not Authorized”).  The approach is available (here) from the FAA.  We’re working to address NAVAIR Canada’s concerns about the Missed Approach altitude and impacts to feeder fix obstruction clearance.  Whatever the final fix, it will require being re-checked by flight check.  As such, it’s probably not a quick fix.

Winter is here.  If you’re local, it will come as little surprise, but I have submitted the following remark for update of our A/FD entry for KORS – AWOS-3 wind sensor is sheltered by trees and rising terrain to east/southeast and may provide erroneous data with strong winds aloft from the northeast, east or southeast.  I’m not sure the FAA will accept this remark, but it is nonetheless true and pilot’s should exercise appropriate caution when these conditions are present.

The next regular meeting of the Port of Orcas Commission is Thursday, January 8th, 2014 at Noon in the terminal conference room.

Winter’s here with occasional lulls!!! – Why not come for a night, grab a bite, savor a hand-crafted beer from the Island Hoppin’ Brewery or take in a concert at the Orcas Center?  

Thanks to OPEC, $6.75/gal is here for at least a little while…Check your favorite info peddler for current prices!

    — Note: Tie-down fees are the same as 1996 – $6/night

The 2014 Fly-In is history. This is not the normal parking plan!

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