In response to the COVID19 Pandemic and in anticipation of pending action by San Juan County, Washington authorities, airplane camping is closed until further notice.  Any campers will be asked to leave and trespassed if not compliant.

Overnight tie-down guests are permitted to camp with their airplane at the airport.  Some important points:

1-Camping is only permitted by fly-in guests tying down an airplane.  The overnight tie-down fee is $10 per night or $45 per 4-weeks on the grass.  (Rates were increased January 1, 2018 after being held steady for approximately 15 years)

2-Camping is only permitted in the North, grass tie-down area.  There are 21 grass tie-down spots in this area, in rows of 7 (4+3).  You may leave your tent up during the day at your own risk (and liability!).

3-There is a single shower and bathroom located on the North end of the middle row of hangars about 125 yards East of the tie-down area (not the ones in the picture above).  It is accessible 24-7-365.  Call (360-376-5285), email or stop by the airport managers office for the access code.

4-The shower / bathroom is free, but donations are encouraged to help us defray the cost of utilities, cleaning and supplies.  There is a drop box in the shower.

5-Two regular bathrooms are available in the terminal 150 yards South of the tie-down area.  The terminal is typically open from about 7:30 AM to about 5:30 PM.  There is also a port-a-potty next to the fuel facility just South of the tie-down area.

6-No open fires permitted.  The use of a portable “fire pit” is permitted, but all waste must be disposed of (not in our trash, please).

7-There is a propane grill by the electrical building due East of the grass tie-down area.  The igniter is inoperative so bring a long lighter.

8-By policy, cars are not permitted to be parked on the ramp.  Pick-up/Drop-off is fine if kept to a reasonably short period of time.  A crew car is available.

9-As I think of more, get more questions and clarify policies, I will update this page.