IMPORTANT NOTICE: CAMPING IS FULL FOR THE WEEKEND OF AUGUST 1st!!! In accordance with San Juan County Order 2020-7 camping on Port property is available to overnight tie-down guests at a 50% capacity and subject to all State and County orders surrounding health precautions and social distancing measures.  Any campers not in compliance will be trespassed.

Overnight tie-down guests are permitted to camp with their airplane at the airport.  Some important points:

1-Camping is only permitted by fly-in guests tying down an airplane.  The overnight tie-down fee is $10 per night or $45 per 4-weeks on the grass.  (Rates were increased January 1, 2018 after being held steady for approximately 15 years)

2-Camping is only permitted in the North, grass tie-down area.  There are 21 grass tie-down spots in this area, in rows of 7 (4+3). However,  in accordance with San Juan County Order 2020-7, only 10 of these spaces are to be utilized. You may leave your tent up during the day at your own risk (and liability!).

3-There is a single shower and bathroom located on the North end of the middle row of hangars about 125 yards East of the tie-down area (not the ones in the picture above).  It is accessible 24-7-365.  Call (360-376-5285), email or stop by the airport managers office for the access code.

4-The shower / bathroom is free, but donations are encouraged to help us defray the cost of utilities, cleaning and supplies.  There is a drop box in the shower.

5-Two regular bathrooms are available in the terminal 150 yards South of the tie-down area.  The terminal is typically open from about 7:30 AM to about 5:30 PM.  There is also a port-a-potty next to the fuel facility just South of the tie-down area.

6-No open fires permitted.  The use of a portable “fire pit” is permitted, but all waste must be disposed of (not in our trash, please).

7-There is a propane grill by the electrical building due East of the grass tie-down area.  The igniter is inoperative so bring a long lighter.

8-By policy, cars are not permitted to be parked on the ramp.  Pick-up/Drop-off is fine if kept to a reasonably short period of time.  A crew car is available.